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Avalanche Infographics specialized in datavisualization and designing creative infographics.

We love this form of communication so much, that often we see people and the surrounding world only through this filter. Everything can be a source of infographics.

To prove this just have a look at our portfolio.

why infographics

It's so simple, creative and persuasive!

The amount of information stored digitally doubles every two years, and we have to interpret it quicker and quicker. The purpose of infographics is to present phenomenon in an eye-catching manner so that people can understand it more easily and more efficiently.

We serve our clients with data structuring, information organizing. We collect valuable information with the help of our data-mining subcontractors and researchers.

We present well-structured information in an stunning and credible way. Our goal is not only to delight but to reveal the inner relations between facts.We then effectively put our infographics into action in press communication, social media but they can have place in an advertising campaign or virus video/animation.


Coca‑Cola HBC's 2020 Sustainability Commitments

Coca-Cola HBC is committing to new sustainability targets for 2020 to reinforce the sustainable...

Coca‑Cola HBC's 2020 Sustainability Commitments - VIDEO

Coca-Cola HBC is committing to new sustainability targets for 2020 to reinforce the sustainable...

Millennial guide to homeownership

Buying a home is the largest investment many people make. If it's your first home purchase, you'll...

Scam Alert!

5 Swindles That Con Artists Hope You Don't Know. Large companies have entire legal and logistics...

Fascinating Stats for First-Time Home Buyers

Planning to join the ranks of the first-time home buyer this season? Before you jump in, know your...

Student Banking Guide

HOW TO NOT GET IN OVER YOUR HEAD The student loan crisis in America is reaching epic proportions,...

World Bank: Promoting University-Industry Collaboration in Developing Countries

Successful collaboration between universities and industry can lead to greater innovation and help...

World Bank: Technology Transfer. Commercialization and Innovation

An overview from the Innovation Policy Platform. Learn the types of technology transfer mechanisms...

Smart parking at the airport

Believe it or not, it’s worth parking at the airport. The utilization of our car parks is...

Budapest Airport’s journey over the last 10 years in numbers

Budapest Airport’s journey over the last 10 years in numbers

Back to School - Interactive infographic

Click the link above! Trends in Spending and How to Save Money. Did you know the average family...

In love and married

Weddings are said to be the happiest day of our lives, so it’s natural to want everything to be...

10 Rules about infographic

Information + Story + Design = Infographics. This is how the equation may be written to prove the...

Marvel Heroes

This grapf shows us what the significant Marvel network looks like.

The top logos of the world

It is surrounded by adoration and worship; a lifestyle and status symbol; a memory of a personal or...


Here are five football players who do not refuse the dubious pleasures of life and rarely keep...

How EU lobbying works

How many ministers, members of Parliament and other officials are working in the 28-member EU...

The Unknown life of Plastics

Why are many products packed in plastics today? And what should be done with the packaging when it...

Amnesty International: Death Penalty

Amnesty International opposes the death penalty in all cases without exception regardless of the...

Network of passes - Champions League final

Is football really a simple game?! The hidden networks behind Bayern's success! With the power of...

CEO Space: Access to Success

The power of a cooperative community Success doesn’t always happen overnight, but if you know the...

Ecce Pope

Facts, records, legends from the history of papacy


This infographic shows our year 2012


This infographic is about the Olympic Games, medals, successes, and economical effects....

Budget process

You can see the process of creating the budget for the Hungarian government.

Infobox of chocolates

Consumption habbits, history, sweet curiosities.

Tips to get a Job in Eu

Benefits of an Eu Job, salary and positions in Eu Institutions, the typical successful candidate....

Oracle - Develop your Career with Computer Science

Computer science offers some of the most highly paid careers, and spans oppurtuities in almost...

Budapest Airport in numbers 2014

Budapest Airport in numbers 2014

Parking at the airport? Of course!

Parking at the airport? Of course! Believe it or not, it’s worth parking at the airport. The...

Wake up your body with Coca Cola

The goal of this movement is to give chance to everyone to try more and more leisure sports. The...

Preventive medicine screening

An overview of preventive medicine screening for managers

The history of Budai Egészségközpont

The history of Budai Egészségközpont

Making an appointment

This infograpich shows datas about making an appointment online with doctors - VIDEO

Are you a social person? Do you like sport and sportgambling? Come and know the world’s first...

Winter Drinks 1x1

Does drinking alcohol really keep you warm when it's cold out?

House party guide

House party guide

Animated presentation

A presentation present the works and activites of a foundation.

Bónusz Brigád infographics

This infographic is about of the first Hungarian coupon site. Consumer customs and behavior in the...

Introducing the Nők Lapja Café

This infographic presents the redesigned website of the most popular Hungarian website for women....


This video is about a charitable initiative of the TBWA advertising agency in Hungary.

Beres TV - Our Body

Which mussel is the strongest in our body? How many times do we blink in a minute? What is the...

Beres TV - The health-protecting antioxidants

The health-protecting antioxidants


Facts and data about home birth and hospital birth.

This infographic is about Hungary’s market leader medical website.


Trailer EBS E is the source for trailer intelli- gence. The braking system has evolved into an...

Music, festivals, sport

This infographic shows the results of an online survey about listening to music, going to...

Grund football by numbers

Grund football by numbers

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